Written by Tzipora. Originally recorded by Tamarra James, later recorded by Castalia.


Come sit ye down, I'll tell a tale
As strange as any told
Of a lady of the Yorkshire Moor
Where the morning mist lays cold

Her wits had left her long ago
There was madness in her eyes
Though she spoke to none, some days at dawn
You could hear her laughing cry

The Hunter and the Hunted,
You wear a thin disguise
The moon rides on Your shoulder
But the sun shine from Your eyes
I cannot look upon you
I cannot look away
But I hear the sound of the Hunter's horn
That greets the dawning day

She built her cottage years ago
And she lived there all alone
She was the only living soul
Who would call the moor her home
For tales were told of many who
Had vanished in the dawn
And of madmen who had heard the cry
Of Herne the Hunter's horn

The lady too had heard the tales
But she could never fear
The Horned God who filled her dreams
When she heard Him riding near
And then one night her longing eyes
Saw a figure tall and grim
Like a shadow glimpsed in the misty night
And she sang her song to Him:


He rode His horse up to the door
And she bade Him enter there
But He simply smiled and reached to lay
His hand upon her hair:
"My lady, I have ridden here
In answer to your call
But I'll not sit under any roof
Nor drink in any hall.

"You sing to Me of your desire
But you must understand
My heart belongs to the silver Moon
And the wild, deserted land
How can you give your love to one
You never can possess?
Or sacrifice your sanity
For a wild ride and a kiss?


The lady said, "I hear Your words,
But how can I explain?
How a simple touch can bring me joy
In spite of all the pain?
Be it love, or be it madness
I have no will to fight
This inner fire that bids me go
And ride with you this night!"

The Hunter smiled and said to her,
"Your pain I understand
For I have chased the sailing Moon
And loved the barren land
I cannot give My heart to you
But I'll give you what I may
So take my hand and ride with me
Until the break of day!"


Now many years have been and gone
Since she rode the misty plain
She never chose to leave the moor
And she never spoke again
But it's said by some when the night is done
And the moor is shroud in grey
You can hear her laugh with the Hunter's horn
At the dawning of the day!


Fa la la la la
La la la la
Fa la la la la la la


from Live in Winnipeg, released June 1, 2018
Female vocals: Sable Aradia (Diane Morrison)
Male vocals: Jamie Field
6 string guitar: Sable
12 string guitar: Jamie

Lyrics & music by Tzipora.


all rights reserved



Sable Aradia Vernon, British Columbia

Independent singer-songwriter, author & composer of New Age, Pagan, filk, acoustic, meditation & goth music. Sable spans numerous musical genres, but her work is inspired by her Wiccan faith and her wild imagination. Her influences include Billie Holiday, Heather Alexander, Leslie Fish, Iron Maiden, Wendy Rule, and Inkubus Sukkubus. ... more

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