Lord of the Dance

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Originally adapted from "Lord of the Dance" and recorded by Gwydion Penderrwyn, popularized by Todd Alan.

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(Chorus): Dance, dance, where ever you may be
I am the Lord of the Dance, said He!
I will live in you if you live in Me
And I'll lead you all in the Dance, said He!

I dance in the Circle when the flames leap up high
I dance in the Fire, and I never, ever, die
I dance in the waves of the bright summer sea
For I am the Lord of the wave's mystery

I sleep in the kernel, and I dance in the rain
I dance in the wind, and in the waving grain
And when you cut me down, I care nothing for the pain;
In the Spring I'm the Lord of the Dance once again!

I dance on the Sabbat when you dance out the Spell
I dance and sing that everyone be well
And when the dancing's over do not think that I am gone
To live is to Dance! So I dance on and on!

When She danced on the water, and the wind was Her horn
The Lady laughed, and everything was born
When She lit up the sun and the light gave Him birth
The Lord of the Dance first appeared on Earth

The horn of the Lady cast its song 'cross the plain;
The birds took the notes and gave them back again
'Till the sound of Her music was a song in the sky;
And to that song there is one reply

They danced in the darkness and They danced in the night
They danced on the Earth and everything was light
They danced out the darkness and They danced in the dawn
And the day of that dancing still goes on

The Moon in Her phases and the tides of the sea
The movement of the Earth and the seasons that will be
Are the rhythm of the dancing and a promise through the years
That the dance goes on through our joy and tears

I gaze on the Heavens and I gaze on the Earth
I feel the pain of dying, and re-birth
I lift my head in gladness, and in praise for the day
Of the Dance of the Lord, and the Lady gay


from Solstice Carol, released December 15, 2012
Melody: Raven Brighid and Vichary. Harmony: Sable Aradia. Drum: Sable Aradia.




Sable Aradia Vernon, British Columbia

Independent singer-songwriter, author & composer of New Age, Pagan, filk, acoustic, meditation & goth music. Sable spans numerous musical genres, but her work is inspired by her Wiccan faith and her wild imagination. Her influences include Billie Holiday, Heather Alexander, Leslie Fish, Iron Maiden, Wendy Rule, and Inkubus Sukkubus. ... more

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