Savage Garden (1995)

by Sable Aradia

backstage exclusive


A special gift for my Backstage supporters! This is a very early recording of Savage Garden before Of Dragons and Unicorns. Before I decided I wanted to get into professional music, my friends insisted I record this song, and recently, another good friend from high school found this on an old tape and digitized it for me. It's not perfect - there's several mistakes in it - but that's why it's available as a Backstage exclusive! I found it very interesting to see how the song, and my voice, have evolved over time.

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Savage Garden

Silently the darkness falls
The demon thirst within me calls –
Out I creep to stalk to night alone

Shadows wake; the evening’s tide
Sings its rhythm at the waterside
Time passes – once again I’m on my own

I am the watcher looking in;
Bringer of death, bearer of sin

Dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight
Intoxicating blood, my victim’s life
Come with me into the darkness; I’ll show you how

Primeval urge runs through my twisted soul
The blood desire devours me whole
Come into my arms, my love; it’s Mephistopheles’ night out

I am the watcher looking in;
Bringer of death, bearer of sin
I am the devil in the flesh
And I fear my evilness

There are a million ways to die; there are a thousand ways to bleed
And I have seen them all; I bear the demon seed
Please don’t come too close, my love,
Or I’ll kill you where you stand

Ma chere, my fangs are on your throat, and my love is in my heart
Your death fulfills my need, and it tears my soul apart
I pray to gods I don’t believe in, someone stay my hand . . .

I am the watcher looking in
Bringer of death, bearer of sin
I am a demon in disguise
And I wear an angel’s eyes

Deep within the Savage Garden, what’s morality?
There is no God to judge and the only Devil is me!
Reaching out to find the truth, and finding nothing there
Solitude and loneliness; a quest to fight dispair

There is a greater truth in beauty and in life
And how it all can end when the Reaper swings his scythe
Deep within the Savage Garden, what do you dream of?
For even the Devil can love

I am the watcher looking in
Bringer of death, bearer of sin
I am a hunter and a beast
And from this curse I seek release . . .

And now the night is cold,
And my dark tale is told
This confession note I write
By a pale candle’s light

With these sorrowed, sinful eyes
I will face the morning sky
Unless you join my in my quest
I cannot bear the loneliness

I an the watcher looking in
Bringer of death, bearer of sin
Ma chere, my love, I’ll say goodbye
Before I chase my last sunrise . . .


released May 9, 2018
Lead vocals and guitar: Sable.
Backing vocals: Brian Bayer, Michelle Crosby, Brian Healey, Kevin Vermeulen.
Spoken: Sable and Brian Healey.


all rights reserved



Sable Aradia Vernon, British Columbia

Independent singer-songwriter, author & composer of New Age, Pagan, filk, acoustic, meditation & goth music. Sable spans numerous musical genres, but her work is inspired by her Wiccan faith and her wild imagination. Her influences include Billie Holiday, Heather Alexander, Leslie Fish, Iron Maiden, Wendy Rule, and Inkubus Sukkubus. ... more

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