Sable with Chad McLeary and Anari Houston - Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight

from by Sable Aradia



Recorded live at Sable's "Pyrates & Pagans" CD Release Party, Vernon, BC (March 20, 2013). Instruments: guitar, recorder. One of the Childe Ballads (#4); a collection of traditional Medieval & Renaissance folksongs collected in the 1800s from England, Scotland & Wales. From Pyrates & Pagans, released 20 March 2013.


Lady Isabel sat at her window a-sewing
(Aye, as the gowans grow gay)
When she heard an elf-knight on his bright horn a'blowing
(On the first morning in May)

Oh, I wish I'd that horn that I hear blow so clearly
And yonder elf-knight for to love me so dearly

This maiden had scarcely the fatal words spoken
When in at her window the elf-knight has broken

"It is a strange matter, fair maiden," said he
"I canna blaw horn but you call out to me"

"But will you come down unto yon greenwoodside
Come tack a fair horse and together we'll ride"

So he leaped on a horse, and she on another
And they have gone down to the greenwood together

"Light down ye, light down ye, fair maiden," said he
"We are come to the place where ye are to die."

"Hae mercy, hae mercy, Sir Elf-Knight on me
'Til aince more my father and mother I see"

"Well, seven King's daughters here have I slain
And ye'll be the eighth will forever remain"

"Come sit down awhile, rest your head on my knee
That we may take rest here before that I die"

And she stroked his dark head and she whispered sae sweet
That the elf-knight was soon lulled fast, fast asleep

And she'd taen his own sword-belt & bound him around
And with his own dirk struck the fiend his death wound

"Well, if seven King's daughters were slain here by thee
Then lie here and keep them all good company!"


from Summerfest: Live Recordings from the 2013 Event Season, released October 3, 2013
Sable: lead vocals, recorder. Chad McLeary: guitar. Anari Houston: background vocals. Lyrics and music traditional. Copyright (c) 2003.




Sable Aradia Vernon, British Columbia

Independent singer-songwriter, author & composer of New Age, Pagan, filk, acoustic, meditation & goth music. Sable spans numerous musical genres, but her work is inspired by her Wiccan faith and her wild imagination. Her influences include Billie Holiday, Heather Alexander, Leslie Fish, Iron Maiden, Wendy Rule, and Inkubus Sukkubus. ... more

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